Camtasia licenses now available for faculty and staff

Faculty and staff can now download and install Camtasia Studio, a screen recording & video editing software for Windows and Mac. It adds to our repertoire of similar such tools like PersonalCapture, and Ink2Go.

Camtasia Studio is a multimedia authoring tool that allows recording your screen with voiceover in conjunction with video from your computer’s webcam. You can import video and audio clips, merge these resources with what you record using Camtasia, and add quizzes. Faculty interested in creating interactive videos for teaching or staff interested in creating engaging training and screencasts should take this opportunity to try out Camtasia. We have acquired limited keyed concurrent licenses for both Mac and Windows that allow 15 users (for each operating system) to access the software at any given time on campus or using VPN. If you are a frequent user consider buying an individual license at educational pricing here.

If you are excited about experimenting with video for teaching and want to know more about various tools available, read this KnowledgeBase article for a quick overview to see which tools might work for your specific situation.