Teaching with Technology Awards 2016

The Teaching with Technology Awards recognizes instructors whose courses have been nominated by students, faculty and staff for the most effective use of technology in advancing teaching and learning goals. The award is co-sponsored by CIS and the Dean of the College, in collaboration with the University Library, and the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning.

This year’s recipients are:

Model Course Award
Carlos Aizenman
NEUR 1020: Principles of Neurobiology
Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Model Course Award
Lynn Carlson
GEOL 1320: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Applications
Geographic Information Systems Manager/Project Facilitator

Showcase Award
Theodore Bogosian
HMAN 1971S: Introduction to iPhone/iPad Moviemaking Using 3-D and 4K Comparisons
Visiting Assistant Professor of the Practice in Humanities

Showcase Award
Timothy Riker
SIGN 0200 and SIGN 0400: American Sign Language I, II, and IV
Visiting Lecturer in Language Studies

The Model Course Award, recognizes instructors who integrate technology into their course in ways that engage students and enhance student learning. The exemplary use of technology by these instructors demonstrate the benefits of mindfully adopting technology to further the classroom experience.

The second award, the Showcase Award, is presented to instructors who transform the student learning experience by pushing the limits of teaching with technology. These instructors recognize the benefits of experiential course design and adopt innovative technologies to create learning opportunities through adaptive teaching.