New Canvas Dashboard

Starting June 1, 2016, will look different

The Canvas home page will have a better responsive design suited for smaller screens and smartphones. There will be very few functionality changes, however, the landing page and global navigation will look different. In the “New UI (user interface)”, look for the following changes:

  • Dashboard: will display a grid of Course Cards [1]. Click on a Course Card to access a class site, or click on course activity icons to view recent course-specific Announcements, Grades, Discussions, or Files [2].
  • Canvas Navigation: Look to the left navigation menu for links to all Course sites [3], Canvas Account [4] information , and other global Canvas tools, like the Calendar and Inbox tool. Looking for Grades? It’s now on the right side of the Dashboard page.
  • Courses: Choose Course Cards by clicking on the Courses [3] icon, then “All Courses”. Click on the Star icon for a course to display as a course card on the Canvas dashboard.
  • Help: Report a problem, call, or chat with Canvas support using the Help [5] icon in the left navigation.


Course Sites

The most significant difference is the Global Navigation menu. Look to the left to navigate to other courses instead of the old top-navigation bar.

Not much has changed once you navigate to a Canvas course site.


  1. Course Tools are still on the left.
  2. Instructor Actions are still on the right.
  3. Edit and Save/Publish buttons are in the same locations.

Other changes

  • The Grades global navigation icon was removed and placed on the right as a “View Grades” button.
  • Course Cards are customizable by users to either include a course Nickname or change the individual course card colors. These changes are unique to the user and do not affect official course information.
  • Collapse Course Tools by clicking on the “hamburger icon” to hide the course-level tools. Click on the “hamburger icon” to make the tools visible again.

Download this guide as a PDF (CanvasNewUI.pdf).