Weather proof your courses

Weather related campus closings and class cancellations due to treacherous road conditions make it challenging to maintain the pace of learning in the Spring semester. When you or your students can’t be physically present in the classroom face-to-face, you can salvage the situation with variety of technological solutions.

In order to hold a formal class meeting at a distance Zoom is the most stable and easily available option that does not need prior planning. It allows multiple people to participate in a live web video or audio conference. Hosts can invite anyone, including people outside of the Brown community. Zoom can be used to hold class sessions, office hours, or host guest speakers when weather makes it difficult to reach campus. Zoom sessions can also be recorded and made available for later review. Learn how to get started with Zoom.

Asynchronous Class Sessions
You can also prepare your class sessions in advance for students to access at their convenience. Here are some of the options available for Brown faculty:

Panopto helps you record your voice with your powerpoint presentation or anything else on your screen to create lecture videos using your Mac or PC. You can do this from the convenience of your home or office – or anywhere there is an Internet connection. Recordings can be published and made available for student viewing via Canvas Media Library. Learn more about using personal capture.

Camtasia Studio allows recording your screen with voiceover in conjunction with video from your computer’s webcam. You can import video or audio clips and merge these resources with what you record using Camtasia. Camtasia offers more flexibility to edit the videos than Echo360 Personal Capture. Camtasia for Windows also allows you to intersperse quizzes in videos. Download and install Camtasia Studio

Canvas Modules helps organize variety of learning resources, including instructional videos, in a sequential manner in your Canvas course. Each module can contain pages, files, discussions, assignments, quizzes, and other learning materials creating a self-contained learning session at a distance. Learn about organizing content in modules.

Academic Technology offers video accessory kits that can be used with your laptop to record higher quality videos. We also provide video recording kits with tablets for advanced screen annotation needs.

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