2014 TWTA Winner Allan Francis Bower, Jennifer Franck, and Kyung-Suk Kim

Instructors: Professors Allan Francis Bower, Jennifer Franck, and Kyung-Suk Kim
Course: ENGN 0040 Dynamics and Vibrations

Description: [ENGN 0040] has three main goals (1) to help students learn some basic physics; (2) to help students learn how to use math and science to solve technical design problems and (3) to help students learn how to communicate technical information. IT helps us to (1) to communicate physics in new ways; (2) show how technology is used in design and (3) help students become familiar with some of the emerging approaches to technical communication.

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2014 TWTA Winner Yongsong Huang

Instructor: Professor Yongsong Huang
Course: GEOL 1370 Environmental Geochemistry

Description: The course will examine the biogeochemical cycling, fate and transport of chemicals in the atmospheric and aquatic environments. Topics such as chemical weathering, natural water pollution and remediation, acid deposition, global warming and air pollution will be examined through natural ecosystem examples from rivers, lakes, estuaries, and ocean. Field trips and laboratory arranged. Prerequisites: CHEM 0100 or 0330, or instructor permission.

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2014 TWTA Winner Monica Linden

Instructor: Professor Monica Linden
Course: NEUR1030 Neural Systems

Description: NEUR1030- Neural Systems is a large lecture course serving about 130 students and required for Neuroscience and Cognitive Neuroscience concentrators. In the course, students are pushed to work on their higher-order cognitive skills including applying concepts to new situations and interpreting and analyzing data and research findings.

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