2011 TWTA Winners announced!

2011 Teaching with Technology Awards


2011 Teaching with Technology Award for Communication & Collaboration

Madhumita Lahiri
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in English
ENGL1761W Modern South Asia: Literature and Theory


2011 Teaching with Technology Award for Use of Multimedia
Casey Dunn
Assistant Professor of Biology
BIOL0410 Invertebrate Zoology


2011 Teaching with Technology Course Design Award

Thomas Serre
Assistant Professor of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences
CLPS1520  Computational Vision


2011 Teaching with Technology Showcase Award

Richard Bungiro
Lecturer in Biology
BIOL0530 Principles of Immunology


2011 Teaching with Technology Showcase Award

Douglas Burtt
Assistant Professor of Medicine

BIOL3662 Integrated Medical Sciences III – Cardiovascular

About the Awards
Each year the Instructional Technology Group presents the Teaching with Technology Award to instructors whose courses have been nominated by students, faculty and staff for the most effective use of technology in advancing teaching and learning goals. The award is co-sponsored by CIS and the Dean of the College

2011 TWTA Winner: Douglas Burtt

Showcase Award 2011

Instructor: Douglas Burtt
Course: BIOL3662: Integrated Medical Sciences III – Cardiovascular

What students said about the course:
“Dr. Burtt’s use of technology was quite helpful.”
“He truly has set a fantastic precedent for medical education at our new building!”
“I truly think he should be commended for his innovative use of technology.”

Instructional Technologist’s Comments:
Professor Burtt’s ability to manage classroom technology is remarkable. He has created interactive and informative course materials that are used during the live lecture and can be accessed by the students for self-directed study. The course graphics include vibrant images as well as audio (heart sounds).

Professor Burtt adeptly used a range of classroom technologies (including PowerPoints with multiple screens and annotations, video & audio material, Flash-simulations, and iPad applications) that greatly impacted his students learning. The technologies he used enabled the students learning from multiple modalities by including visual displays (e.g. split screens), simulations and classroom audio as well as iPad apps that allowed for hands-on learning during problem-based learning sessions (e.g. asking students to calculate the risk of strokes).



2011 TWTA Winner: Richard Bungiro

Showcase Award 2011

Instructor: Richard Bungiro
Course: BIOL0530: Principles of Immunology

Introduction to experimental and theoretical foundations of immunology. Focuses on concepts, landmark experiments and recent advances. Topics include innate and adaptive immunity; structure/function of antibody molecules and T cell receptors; regulation of immune responses through cellular interactions. Applications of concepts to medically significant issues (vaccines, transplantation, inflammation, autoimmunity, cancer, HIV/AIDS) are discussed. Interpretative analysis of experimental data is emphasized.

What students said about the course:

  • “Dr. Bungiro took a very creative approach in his audio and visual displays…to bring humor into an otherwise dry subject.”
  • “He used his creativity to help us enjoy learning.”
  • “Made things much easier to understand.”

Instructional Technologist’s Comments:
Professor Bungiro has created an pop-culture futuristic vampire ridden other world experience for students in his Principles of Immunology course. Relying heavily on pop culture and inherent creativity, Professor Bungiro takes standard technology tools and twists them to conform to his non-traditional teaching methods. Professor Bungiro’s creative use of pop-culture and multimedia, creatively inspired his students through humor and a broader sense of connection with the advanced biological material. His visually engaging material, including a performance of “Don’t Stop B-cell-ievin”, encourages students to connect with the material.