Summer Prep

The trees around the main green are in full bloom, Spring semester is winding down,  it is time to get ready for the Summer courses.

Need a Canvas site for the Summer semester? Log in to and request your course today! Learn more about requesting Canvas courses from the IT Knowledgebase.

Semester start-up check list:

  1. Request your course site at
  2. Upload your syllabi
  3. Copy or import content from last year’s Canvas course
  4. Add your TAs
  5. Activate your E-Reserves (films take up to 2 weeks to re-activate)
  6. Set up a consultation with ITG if you need help

Contact or use the Help link in Canvas for more information!

Spring Semester Checklist

Use this checklist to stay ahead of the semester start-up frenzy!

  1. Request your course site at
  2. Upload your syllabus to for campus access during Shopping Period.
  3. Copy or import content from last year’s Canvas course.
  4. Add your TAs, course designers, and observers to your Canvas site.
  5. Activate your E-Reserves Note: films take up to 2 weeks to re-activate.
  6. Sign up for workshops that cover a range of academic technologies.
  7. Ask for help! Consult with ITG for in person support.
  8. Refer to the Faculty Quickstart guide for additional resources.
  9. Receive specialized support for Instructional projects, multimedia assignments, and digital projects.

Contact for more information!

NERCOMP Canvas User Group 2015

Registration is now open for the NERCOMP Canvas User Group 2015 to be held on Monday February 9th at Holy Cross. The event is being organized by Brown and Becker College. There is a great line-up of presentations including one by Brown’s own Jesse Schreier from the School of Professional Studies on developing a MOOC using the Canvas Network platform. There will also be Canvas reps available at the end of the day to answer any questions you may have about what’s going on with Instructure now, and their road-map (there are currently a few schools participating in a pilot for a free Learning Object Repository to be integrated into Canvas).
Visit to view the event details and agenda and submit your registration. Brown is a member of NERCOMP (NorthEast Regional Computing Program) so any member of the Brown community can create a NERCOMP member ID and receive a discount on events.