Canvas Tips: Create Interactive Pages with Tables

Some of you might have used the Rich Content Editor in the past to create an interactive homepage with the Table tool. Here are two examples:

table1 Example of an Interactive Table

Pages in Canvas has the design capabilities of a web page. You can add images, videos, text as well as organize these elements in a table. In the past editing tables was possible only through the HTML  editor making it a frustrating experience. The new Canvas release of the Rich Content Editor  makes it a breeze. Users can easily add, merge, and split table cells without having to switch to the HTML Editor.  Rows can be added, copied, and pasted anywhere in the table. The table can be re-sized easily as well. Check out this screencast to see the Table tool in action:

Here are step by step instructions to create an interactive page with the new Insert Table tool in the editor.

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The end of shopping: an instructor’s guide

The chaos of shopping period has slowed down since Tuesday, Sept. 16th (the last day to register for classes without a fee.) Now that course enrollments are settling, here are two tips to start the semester smoothly:

1. Set a Canvas profile photo

Encourage your students to set a profile photo. Assignment submissions, discussion responses, and the class roster will display student photos to complement face-to-face interactions. Learn how to set a profile photo in Canvas.

2. Orient your students to Canvas (including setting Notification Preferences)

Will you use the Announcement feature in Canvas? Where can students find your syllabus and contact information? Will you expect students to participate in discussions or submit assignments online? Answer these questions during the first couple of class sessions. Addressing these common questions and orienting your students to your Canvas site will communicate your expectations and reduce the number of emails sent after midnight.

Don’t forget to remind students to check their  notification preferences — without setting these correctly, students will not receive Canvas notifications via email or potentially, in a timely manner. Learn how to set notification preferences.


Canvas Tip: Activate E-Reserves Link

It’s that time of year again! Be sure to activate (or re-activate) your course reserves through the Brown Library OCRA system. It can take up to 2-weeks for the Library to re-activate material for students.

Be sure to add the E-Reserves link to Canvas following some simple steps: