2012 TWTA Winner Art Salomon

Art Salomon – Lecture Capture

Instructor: Prof. Art Salomon
Course: BIOL 0280 Intro to BioChemistry


Description: Lectures and recitation sections explore the mechanisms involved in the principles of macromolecular structure and function, the organization and regulation of pathways for intermediary metabolism, and the transfer of information from genes to proteins.

What students said about the course:

“Best run course I’ve ever seen. I’m a senior at Brown, I’ve taken many courses, including in the CS department!”

“Technology actually helped here rather than being overenthusiastically applied with impractical consequences.”

2012 TWTA Winner Fiery Cushman

Fiery Cushman – Keynote and Classroom Recording

Instructor: Fiery Cushman
Course: CLPS0700 Spring13 Social Psychology

Description: Examines the theories, findings, and methods of social psychology. Topics include: social cognition (person perception, attitudes), social influence (cultural sources of attitudes, conformity), and social relations (aggression, altruism, prejudice). Students become better informed consumers of empirical research and acquire a new framework for interpreting social behavior.  Applications to historic and current events.

What students said about the course:

I think the clarity and organization that goes into making the lecture materials really facilitate the learning process. The incredibly well organized and well designed keynote presentations that Fiery used made the material much more clear and interesting. Posting on the blog allowed us to view the experiments each student had come up with which was intriguing. Video and audio during the lectures made them more enjoyable.
Prof. Cushman’s comments:
I post audio/video of my lectures online in a visually appealing style of lecture slides.  This allows me to give lectures that are paced faster and cover more content that would otherwise be possible, because I assume that students will not be able to take complete notes during the lecture itself.  Rather, my goal is for students to capture broad themes during the lecture and then to return to the videos as a resource to construct more detailed notes in order to study for the exams.
Students become better informed consumers of empirical research and acquire a new framework for interpreting social behavior.
Students seem to enjoy the lectures; this was a common theme in student evaluations last spring.  Out of 289 students in my Social Psychology course, 75% assigned the highest rating to me as an instructor, and 96% assigned one of the highest two ratings (out of 5).  I think that this largely reflects my effort to build lectures that are fast-paced and visually appealing – not unlike TED talks – and this in turn depends on the use of technology and the knowledge that students will be able to return to the lectures online to take notes.
Recording of Lectures, Use of Canvas, Images that tie together concepts
Don’t be afraid to try new things.  It is important to keep your students engaged and there are many support people at Brown to help you become comfortable with the technologies you choose to use for your teaching.
Canvas, Keynote, Lecture Capture