Creative Technology in the Classroom

Integrating creative technology into your course can increase student engagement, introduce professional skills in addition to the core subject expertise, and give you and your students a new perspective on course content. It can also be daunting to integrate into your curriculum, particularly if you have little experience doing so.

The Multimedia Lab services help reduce this burden by providing comprehensive support for a variety of creative technologies including video and audio production, animation, large-format printing, 3D printing and virtual reality. MML support includes:

  • Consultations on creative technology assignments for faculty
  • Workshops for students and teaching assistants
  • Equipment for checkout
  • Space for production and editing within our labs and studio.
    The case study below provides a detailed description of this process.

One possible area for future collaboration with MMLs is ‘conference poster design and production’. Students can work on a research project throughout the semester that concludes into a final assignment to be submitted as a poster. The Multimedia Labs can provide training on professional design software and printing on the lab’s large-format printer.

Case study: Video Assignment with Prof Matthew Guterl

Course: Global Macho: Race, Gender, and Action Movies, AMST1600A

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Recent advancements in hardware and software have made digital media production more accessible to a broad range of people. For example, it is now relatively easy for anyone with a smartphone to record a high-quality video, edit it, and share it online with a worldwide audience. For educators, the growing democratization of media-based practices has the potential to transform both how instructors teach and how students learn.

In this post, we answer two pertinent questions related to creating and using digital media as a teaching and learning tool: Why should you consider using digital media in a course? What resources are available at Brown to help create digital course assets?’

Why use digital media and video in a course?

When used correctly, digital media and video can enhance the design of a course in several ways. It can…

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