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For a large part of its history, the John Carter Brown Library has had a strong tradition of publishing and has always maintained a current catalog of titles for sale.  But in addition to these fine books, over the years the library has published other items such as addresses given at its annual  meetings, catalogs written by curators for their exhibitions, talks given by invited scholars, essays, offprints from magazines, and many others.

An early and particularly nice example was written by the library’s first head librarian and director George Parker Winship titled, “The John Carter Brown Library: A History,” and beautifully published by the Merrymount Press in 1914. The library takes pride in these varied (and often ephemeral) publications, both in their content and in the commitment to see them in published form, many of which are no longer in print and are represented by perhaps one or two copies. With today’s digital technology these titles no longer have to languish unread in our archives and are being made available to all the world in PDF format  on our website.

At present there are approximately twenty titles and we plan to add dozens more as part of an ongoing project. Just a few clicks of your mouse will gain you access to this rich and varied publishing history. Go to the Publications Online page at /events-publications/publications-online. You may also link to the PDFs from the JOSIAH record on Brown University Library’s online catalog.

—John Minichiello, Imaging Specialist, John Carter Brown Library