Did you receive information about this event from a fellow alumna/e because we don’t have your current email address? Are you changing jobs or email addresses in the next few months?

One project that we will be undertaking before, during and after the Alumni Conference will be to develop and disseminate an up-to-date alumni contact list so that alums who have lost touch can reconnect and alums who don’t (yet) know each other but are in the same city or the same field can meet.  Please take a moment to fill out the link below with your current name, email address, city of residence, title and affiliation — even if you think we have your current information.  We know from alumni at our peer programs that these lists can be a terrific resource when you travel to another city for a conference or meetings and see that an alumna/e in your field lives there.  Who doesn’t enjoy coffee with fellow public humans?

Update your information here.