The Roman Emperor has a New Groove

This month kicks off a new, interactive blog project at the Joukowsky Institute. While walking across Lincoln Field one morning in June, Sue Alcock noticed something different about the normally austere demeanor of the Marcus Aurelius statue; in his elevated left hand, he held a Wendy’s soda cup. This struck Sue as a comical addition, and inspired the idea of taking seasonal photographs of the statue for an online photo gallery.

What better occasion to start this new feature than the 4th of July? Armed with festive décor, a 6-foot stepladder, and a digital camera, Sarah Sharpe and I trudged over to Lincoln Field this morning. Unfortunately, Sue neglected to mention the imposing height of the replica Roman statue, standing 11′ 6″ tall. Since we are both slightly acrophobic, this first attempt at capturing a seasonally inspired picture was foiled.
Determined to head back to the office with something to blog about, we left Lincoln Field in search of another Roman Emperor to photograph. The bronze copy of an Italian statue in Wriston Quad would have to suffice this month. Below is one picture we captured of Augustus in his patriotic attire… There are more pictures to come!
Augustus small.jpg
If you’d like to be a part of this monthly project, please let Sarah or myself know- your creative ideas and assistance would be much appreciated. We’d especially like to hear from brave participants willing to scale the Marcus Aurelius statue. Please remember, safety first (for you and for the statues)!