CFP: Session on Island Zooarchaeology and ASEMNE Conference

Call for Papers: Proposed Session on Island Zooarchaeology at ASEMNE
(Archaeological Sciences in the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East)
29 April – 1 May 2010
Paphos, Cyprus
Proposed Session Title:  Island Zooarchaeology
Session Abstract: This session invites papers focused on zooarchaeology of
island communities in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East. Living
on an island imposes restrictions on local human ecology and social groups,
whether foragers living in upland caves or pastoralists living in lowland
villages, must cope with the unique condition of being cut off from
mainland resources. The session invites papers from all time periods
spanning prehistory to modern day, and seeks to illuminate patterns of
human adaptation, particularly in subsistence strategies, in response to
constrained local environments. Papers using analytical methods such as
molecular analyses as well as biogeographic approaches are encouraged.
Please email Suzanne Pilaar ([email protected]) with your paper title and
abstract by *10 November 2009* if you are interested in participating in
this session, or if you have any questions!
Further information on the conference can be found at