Riddles of the Sphinx, produced by Providence Pictures, broadcast this week on NOVA

Riddles of the Sphinx

For 45 centuries, the Great Sphinx has cast its enigmatic gaze over Egypt’s Giza Plateau. The biggest and oldest statue in a land of colossal ancient monuments, its scale is staggering: The mighty head towers as tall as the White House, while its body is nearly the length of a football field. This strange half-human, half-lion image has inspired countless fantastic theories about its origins. How was it built, and who or what does it represent? Searching for clues, NOVA’s expert team of archeologists carries out eye-opening experiments that reveal the techniques and incredible labor that was invested in the carving of this gigantic sculpture. The team also unearths new discoveries about the people who built the Sphinx and why they created such a haunting and stupendous image.

Explore the Giza Plateau in striking panoramas, read an interview with Egyptologist Mark Lehner describing the lives of the pyramid-builders, and more on the program’s companion website.

Watch the program online beginning January 20.

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