Bryn Mawr Classical Review Praises JIP I and JIAAW

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2010.06.08:

Derek B. Counts, Anthony S. Tuck (ed.), Koine: Mediterranean Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway. Joukowsky Institute Publication 1.   Oxford/Oakville, CT:  Oxbow Books, 2009.  Pp. xxiv, 223.  ISBN 9781842173794.  $80.00.  

Reviewed by Catalin Pavel, University of Bucharest ([email protected])


Apart from its quality, another reason this impressive publication is good news is because it is the first in a new series of monographs from Brown University’s Joukowsky Institute, one of the leading institutions in the world of archaeological research. In the preface, the editors thank John Cherry as general editor and Sue Alcock as the director of the Institute, and the whole team makes a second volume in the series worth looking forward to.

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KOINE: Mediterranean Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway is available from David Brown Book Company, at .