Excavation of the Roman Baths at Carsulae, and Conservation of Archaeological Ceramics

We’re announcing 2 field projects in Italy this summer that would be of interest to archaeologists, classicists, and museum curators:

1. Excavation of the Roman Baths at Carsulae

June 12 – July 23, 2011

This is the sixth season of excavations of the Roman Baths at the ancient city of Carsulae. The Roman city, founded along the via Flaminia in the late third century BCE, is located near the town of San Gemini. The area has been associated with healing waters since pre-Roman times. Field school includes:  archaeological excavation, various methods of excavation documentation and handling and processing of artifacts.

 Contact: Jane Whitehead, excavation director and professor at Valdosta State University, [email protected]

Further information: http://www.valdosta.edu/~jwhitehe/Carsulaeweb/Carsulae_home.htm

2. Conservation of Archaeological Ceramics – Classes and Workshops

May 23 – June 18, 2011

The course aims to give basic knowledge and hands on experience in the field archaeological ceramics conservation. Through classroom and workshop sessions the participants will be introduced to the following skills: categorizing, organizing and storage of sherds; materials and morphological analysis of diagnostic pottery; graphic and digital documentation of diagnostic pottery; cleaning, reassembly and integration of lacunae of pottery. Some of the work in the workshop will be done using recently excavated materials from the Baths of the ancient Roman town of Carsulae.

Contact: Max Cardillo, San Gemini Preservation Studies, [email protected]

Further information: www.sangeministudies.org

Syllabi: http://sangeministudies.info/programs/list-of-programs/s1-3 and http://sangeministudies.info/programs/list-of-programs/s1-4