New Map of Libyan Archaeological and Culture Sites

Dear Colleagues,
I want to bring another website effort to your attention. We have posted a very interesting map of Libya that shows important archaeological and culture sites in the war-torn country. Here’s the address:
Our purpose is to keep the fate of sites in Libya in the forefront of people’s minds. You will see that many of the sites are along the Medterranean, where much of the fighting is taking place. We hope that this map, which we also distributed to the media, might serve to inspire some reporting on archaeological issues during this dangerous time. And we have sent it to other archaeological and academic organizations asking that they post as well. (The APA already has.)
Please feel free to distribute and post the map yourself.
Thanks to Pleiades, the Blue Shield, and Sebastian Heath for their help in this.
Peter Herdrich
Chief Executive Officer, Archaeological Institute of America
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