Call for Applications: Getty Summer Research Academy: Encounters in World Art History

Call for applications – Summer Research Academy – Getty Research Institute    

Los Angeles, California
August 9-September 7, 2012  

Hosted by  
The Getty Research Institute  

Organized by
The International Consortium on Art History and the Chaire de Recherche du Canada en histoire de l’art de l’Université de Montréal    

Call for Applications
From Art History Doctoral Students
Studying in Africa, Asia, and Latin America    

Art history is rapidly being reconceptualized to meet new social, political, and aesthetic demands. Essential contributions to this efflorescence will come from junior scholars in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, whose research questions, methods, and objects of study may be informed by the intellectual, linguistic, and political context of their practice. This first Summer Research Academy seeks 8 doctoral students from those regions to research and dialogue with 8 junior and 8 senior scholars from the International Consortium on Art History.  

The theme for the 2012 Summer Research Academy is Encounters. We seek submissions that address artistic and art historical encounters, such as the staging of encounters, the work of art as a product of encounters, and the reception of artworks resulting from encounters. The topic will be explored using library resources and special collections at the Getty Research Institute, as well as collections at the Getty Museum.  

For more information about the Summer Research Academy and the application process, please visit: