Office of International Programs Summer Grants for Brown Students

The Office of International Programs is pleased to offer OIP Summer Grants for Brown summer study abroad programs. This year, there are five programs eligible for this grant, including “Archaeology and History in Ancient Rome” and programs in Comillas, Hong Kong/Providence, St. Petersburg, and Greece/Turkey.  More information on summer programs can be found at

Eligibility requirements for grants include:

  • Current continuing undergraduate Brown student receiving University Scholarship
  • Financial Aid application on file
  • Good academic standing
  • Applying to an eligible Brown sponsored summer study away program

Awarding OIP Summer Grants

OIP Summer Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis by program. Eligibility for the OIP Summer Grant is based on the financial aid award from the current academic year. OIP has established a fund, allocated across summer programs, to help make these programs accessible to students on financial aid. Once the funds have been exhausted, additional students will be put on an OIP Summer Grant waitlist.

When you submit your application for the summer study away program to OIP, you will automatically be considered for the OIP Summer Grant based on your current level of financial need.