UMass Amherst Field School at Akko: Archaeology, Conservation, and Heritage

UMass Amherst Field School  at Akko: Archaeology, Conservation, and Heritage

The Anthropology Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst is offering a 6-credit field school in Akko, Israel. Students can choose to focus on archaeological excavation, field survey, geographic information systems (GIS), conservation, heritage studies, public archaeology, or underwater archaeology/science diving. 

Located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on the only natural harbor in the region, the UNESCO World Heritage site of Akko (Acre) is the focus of this unique and cutting-edge archaeological field school. Akko was first settled 5000 years ago, and throughout its history Akko has served as a major trading center for the region. During the Bronze and Iron Ages, Akko appeared prominently in ancient Egyptian, Ugaritic, Assyrian, Classical, and Biblical documents.

The UMass archaeological field school at Akko is led by Michael Sugerman. The larger Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project is co-directed by Ann Killebrew of Pennsylvania State University, and Michal Artzy of Haifa University.