Koc University Fellowships — Deadline 12/15/13

RCAC Residential and Non-Residential Fellowships

Koç University invites applications from junior and senior scholars specializing in the archaeology, art history, history, and allied disciplines of Turkey from the Neolithic through the Ottoman eras. Fellowships, which include accommodation, travel, and stipend, will be given to approximately 10 Ph.D candidates and 10 scholars with Ph.D to spend one academic year in Istanbul at Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations. Successful candidates will be required to be resident in Istanbul during the 9-month academic year (September 15-June 15). Some senior fellowships may be granted on a semester basis (September 15-January 31 or February 1-June 15). A small number of Non-Residential fellowships is also available for those already resident in Istanbul and/or with families.

Located in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, the Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations offers housing, study, and computer facilities to its fellows. It is near the libraries of the French, German, Swedish, and Dutch Institutes and other scholarly facilities in Istanbul. RCAC fellows are expected to devote themselves full time to their research projects. Fellows will also be asked to give 2 lectures on their work during the course of the year. Fellows must be proficient in English, which is the language of instruction at Koç University. Applications from scholars of all nationalities are encouraged.

BIAA-RCAC Fellowship in Cultural Heritage Management

The RCAC and the BIAA are offering a new joint fellowship in cultural heritage, concerned with the understanding, promotion, and preservation of the historical and archaeological material culture of Turkey and the Black sea region with particular reference to specific sites, monuments, or regions. Successful applicants should have an MA or PhD qualification in museology, heritage management, or a related specialization, or have appropriate and comparable professional experience in these fields.

Depending on the strength of applications, either one junior fellowship, for advanced doctoral candidates, for 9 months (Sept 15, 2014 – June 15, 2015) or one senior fellowship, for holders of PhD or equivalent, for one term, either September 15 to February 1 or February 1 to June 15 will be granted. For terms of RCAC residential fellowships, please see the regular fellowship announcement on the RCAC website. Application deadline for the 2014-2015 academic year is December 15, 2013.

The successful candidate will be resident in Istanbul for most of the time of the fellowship, but might spend up to two months elsewhere in Turkey carrying out field work or on-site research relating to his or her cultural heritage projects. The BIAA/RCAC fellow must visit the BIAA and give a public lecture in Ankara during the tenure of the fellowship, and is strongly encouraged to establish close relations with the BIAA. Some preference may be given to applicants whose Cultural heritage proposals relate to past or current British research projects in Turkey or the Black Sea region. This fellowship is open to all nationalities.

RCAC Visiting Senior Fellowships
A limited number of short-term fellowships at RCAC for a period of either one or two months.
This fellowship will permit senior scholars with very busy schedules to spend up to two months at the RCAC, undertake projects involving the cultural resources of Istanbul while residing at the RCAC and participating in the intellectual community of RCAC fellows and Koç University. Successful candidates will be offered the following:
·          Round-trip economy airfare to and from Istanbul.
A net monthly stipend of up to USD 1600 for the period of their stay.
Free accommodation and free dinners 5 nights a week at the RCAC.
In return, the RCAC requests that all Visiting Senior Fellows give one presentation on their research on the main campus of Koç University. Application deadline for the 2014-2015 academic year is December 15, 2013.
Kaplan Fellowships in Archaeological Site Management
These fellowships will be awarded at the senior or junior level. Depending on the applications received, one or two 4,5 month (fall or spring semester) senior fellowships (for those with a PhD or equivalent work experience) or one 9 month junior fellowship (for a PhD candidate or candidate with less work experience) will be awarded.
Kaplan fellowships will be used for the development of an archaeological management plan or plans with a conservation component for a site in Turkey.
Kaplan fellowships are restricted to Turkish nationals. Applicants must have a demonstrated fluency in English, which is the language of instruction at Koç University, of which the RCAC is a part.
Like all RCAC fellows, Kaplan fellows will be given accommodation, travel costs, health insurance, research budget and evening meals five nights a week at the RCAC. Junior fellows will be granted a monthly stipend of the Turkish lira equivalent of USD 800. Senior fellows will be granted a monthly stipend of the Turkish lira equivalent of USD 1100-1600 depending on work experience.
Fellowship holders must be resident at the RCAC in Istanbul except for a period of up to two months spent on research, either on site, or elsewhere. At the RCAC they will be members of a wider community of scholars researching the past of Turkey. More information about the RCAC, as well as application forms can be obtained at the RCAC website under Fellowships. Application deadline for the 2014-2015 academic year is December 15, 2013.