Free e-books from the Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO)

2014 is a special year for the Netherlands Institute for the Near East: we celebrate our 75-year anniversary. As a modest part of the festivities, we are digitizing our sold-out publications and making them available on our website as free pdf downloads.

To start with, the following nine NINO publications have been put online:

·         B.G. Davies – Who’s Who at Deir el-Medîna. A Prosopographic Study of the Royal Workmen’s Community (Eg. Uitg. 13), 1999

·         B.J.J. Haring – Divine Households. Administrative and Economic Aspects of the New Kingdom Royal Memorial Temples in Western Thebes (Eg. Uitg. 12), 1997

·         H. Sancisi-Weerdenburg, A. Kuhrt (eds.) – Centre and Periphery. Proceedings of the Groningen 1986 Achaemenid History Workshop (Achaemenid History 4), 1990

·         H. Sancisi-Weerdenburg, A. Kuhrt (eds.) – The Greek Sources. Proceedings of the Groningen 1984 Achaemenid History Workshop (Achaemenid History 2), 1987

·         Jin Jie – A Complete Retrograde Glossary of the Hittite Language (PIHANS 71), 1994

·         J.P.A. van der Vin – Travellers to Greece and Constantinople. Ancient Monuments and Old Traditions in Medieval Travellers’ Tales (PIHANS 49), 1980

·         M. Stol – Studies in Old Babylonian History (PIHANS 40), 1976

·         Le temple et le culte. Compte rendu de la vingtième Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale organisée à Leiden du 3 au 7 juillet 1972 (PIHANS 37), 1975

·         M.N. van Loon – “Hans” Frankfort’s Earlier Years. Based on his Letters to “Bram” van Regteren Altena (Lectiones Orientales 3), 1995

Other titles will follow throughout the year. All digitized NINO publications are found on this page:

Information on our jubilee activities (mostly Dutch-language and Leiden-based):