CFP: The Archaeology of Architecture: Technology and practice — Deadline January 27, 2014


European Association of Archaeologists

September 10-14, 2014

Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Istanbul, Turkey


Serena Love, School of Social Science, University of Queensland

Corisande Fenwick, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University


Session Title: The Archaeology of Architecture: Technology and practice
Session Description : Architecture is the hallmark of sedentism, complex societies, urbanism, power and monumentality. Big or small, sacred or profane, buildings evoke, create, and demand emotional and physical responses. They transform natural and built landscapes, rewrite past and present, and are physical representations of ideologies, memories, and quotidian life. But all too often architecture is analysed as a “finished product”, in which the technology and practice of construction – the actions, materials, labour and time invested in creating buildings – is absorbed by the fabric of the building. Following Tim Ingold and Lesley McFadyen we argue that the technologies and practices employed to make buildings are integral to any understanding of architecture and society. This session therefore focuses on the process, practice and performance of construction and the recursive interactions between people, places, and materials. We are particularly interested in examining the communicative capacity of building materials and building technologies. Papers might address how different raw materials (e.g. earth, wood, stone) are used, or the social implications of re-using material (e.g. spolia), the origins of materials, and the multi-sensory aspects of colour, texture, light and sound.

Please send paper abstracts (100 words) no later than January 27 to:

Serena Love

Corisande Fenwick