Fieldwork Opportunity: Leymonie Archaeological Project in 2014 (France)

France – Archaeological Medieval Dig Being;  Offered To International Participants

France – Archaeological medieval dig being offered to international participants in Summer of 2014 at Castle Leymonie in Issac, France.

The Leymonie Archaeological Project, a French Non-Profit Organization, announces a 2014 dig open to participants in the Summer of 2014.  The project is currently funded through archaeological excursions offered to individuals through Dig France at  Proceeds help go to the restoration of the castle.

The ancient 12th century castle holds many secrets that are waiting to be unearthed.  Mysteries and legends surround this site and you can be a part of the first individuals to discover and bring to the surface, artifacts and other revelations for the first time since they were originally buried centuries ago.  For more on the dig site, please visit and click on “The Dig.”

Reservations for 2014 start in January.