Archaeology from the Sky: Course in aerial archaeology in Leiden and Italy — Application Deadline April 1, 2014.

Archaeology from the Sky –Course in aerial archaeology in Leiden and Italy

From May 12 to June 6 this year, a specialised course in aerial archaeology will take place in Leiden, Rome and Jelsi, (Molise, Italy). The course is co-organised by the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University and the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome.

MA-students and PhD-candidates with a clear interest in aerial archaeology or connected topics are welcome to apply.

During this intensive course, you will together with a small group explore the potential of Aerial Archaeology for your research interests. You will work on dierent kind of aerial photographs and satellite imagery, learn how to read and interpret these images and extract archaeological information for large (and sometimes inaccessible) swathes of landscape, as well as specic archaeological sites.

The course offers a hands-on experience on almost all aspects of the discipline of Aerial Archaeology or Aerial Remote Sensing (ARS), from analyzing historical photographs to dierent methods of remote sensing, and the elaboration of the data with software packages. From the beginning of the workshop on, we will work on practical case-studies in Central-Southern Italy. Actual flights with a Cessna and/or drones are planned as well during our stay at our new (!) study centre in Jelsi, Molise.

Organising institutions: Leiden University (UL) in collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR).

Organizers: Gianluca Cantoro (Leiden), Jeremia Pelgrom (Royal Dutch Institute in Rome) and Tesse Stek (Leiden)


12 May-16 May 2014: Leiden; first introduction to the course and the discipline.
26 May-29 May 2014: Rome; first-hand experience in a photo-archive, lectures.
30 May-6 June 2014: Jelsi; data collection in the field; data processing and essay.

For more information and application (by short cv, letter of motivation and stating relevant experience), please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Application Deadline is April 1, 2014.