Honor Frost Foundation Grants in Maritime Archaeology — Deadline April 1, 2014

The Honor Frost Foundation’s next deadline for HFF Grants is 1 April 2014 for projects in Marine and Maritime Archaeology with a regional focus on the Eastern Mediterranean.

HFF Grants are available to independent scholars, affiliated scholars and institutions, and are intended to support or facilitate research projects covering any period or aspect of maritime archaeology primarily for work in the Eastern Mediterranean.  HFF grants can also support proposals that are involved with training, publications, workshops and conferences, conservation work, museum exhibitions, and public engagement and education in maritime archaeology.

Applications from institutions and scholars based in the Eastern Mediterranean are particularly welcome with a focus on Cyprus, Lebanon and Western Syria. The HFF also gives preference to projects that show strong collaboration with regional partners and include local training opportunities.  For a list of previously funded projects, please go the HFF website’s project page.

Individual grants will not normally exceed £10,000, which could be the total cost of a piece of work, a contribution to work already in progress, or the cost of a pilot study that might in due course lead to a major research project or for publications, training opportunities, sponsorship of workshops and conferences and other related projects in Maritime Archaeology and work that promotes the protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage.


The deadline for the next round of HFF Grant Applications is 1 April 2014 and Grant Awards will normally be announced within four months. Please use the newly revised HFF Application Form and ensure your referees have your application to review and are aware that the reference form is available on the HFF website.  We will be contacting referees directly as required for their references and will provide them with a deadline for replies.

Decisions on grant awards are final and no feedback will be given on any applications.


After being notified of a grant award, Grantees will be required to provide a summary of their project and an appropriate image for the HFF website.  Upon completion of the project, Grantees must provide a written report of their work and provide an accounting of expenses. All or part of grantees’ reports may be published on the HFF website and possibly in future HFF newsletters. A summary of our Grant Conditions can be viewed on the website, http://honorfrostfoundation.org.


Please contact the HFF Executive Director by using details on the Contact page