Fieldwork Opportunity: Summer fieldwork opportunities in Cyprus

Anyone interested should email for further information and an application form.


1. Kissonerga-Skalia Bronze Age Settlement excavation

The settlement of Kissonerga-Skalia, near Paphos, has been under excavation since 2007, and has evidence of occupation from the beginning of the Early Bronze Age (c. 2400 BC) to the start of the Late Bronze Age. We are currently working to expose the architecture and material associated with the final phase complex (dated to Late Cypriot IA, c. 1600 BC). This complex has evidence for industrial activities, including beer production, large exterior walls and probable domestic space.

A small number of places are available and students will need to arrive Sunday 29th June and leave Saturday 26th July (and be prepared to stay for the entire four-week season). The cost will be £500 (GBP) for the season, meals included except on the day  off. You will also need your airfare to Cyprus.


2. Experimental Archaeology and Beer Production

Experimental Archaeology Field School in the village of Kissonerga, Cyprus in August 2014.  Only 10 places are available for the field school. Participants in the Field School will learn experimental archaeology techniques in order to recreate a Bronze Age drying kiln, likely used for beer production at Kissonerga-Skalia, learn how to produce beer using Bronze Age techniques, and learn excavation skills by excavating a (now destroyed) kiln originally constructed in 2012. The Field School is ideal for all levels of archaeology student (or interested others), particularly those with an interest in experimental archaeology or the archaeology of the Mediterranean and Near East, as well as anyone with an interest in the subject or looking to become more involved in learning about archaeology. The Field School will be running from Wednesday 30th July to Wednesday 20th August.  Participation is required for a minimum of 2 weeks but places are available for the full season (3 weeks). Costs for the Field School are £200 (GBP) per person per week. For more information or to apply for a place please contact us or visit our website.



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