Fieldwork opportunity in the Himalayas (13th March-4th April 2015)

The Himalayan Exploration and Archaeological Research Team (HEART), a University of York project, is delighted to be able to offer archaeological fieldwork opportunities to interested students and members of the public from 13th March- 4th April 2015. The team is undertaking an expedition to the Annapurnas to discover, survey and in some cases excavate new multi-period archaeological sites that are only just emerging from these mountain ranges, and your students are invited to attend.

The Himalayan Exploration and Archaeological Research Team is a joint scientific-humanitarian venture that has run out of the Department of Archaeology, at the University of York, UK in collaboration with the charity/NGO Community Action Nepal. The project seeks to push the frontiers of archaeological knowledge in the Himalayas, whilst integrating the research with initiatives that stimulate local economies. By operating in association with the Kathmandu government Department of Archaeology, local tourism agencies and trekking companies HEART has been able to build an infrastructure to identify known but at risk heritage for responsive research, whilst HEART’s objectives to explore, survey and excavate new archaeology using the latest scientific and technological methods will further extend Nepal’s potential to offer exciting heritage tourism opportunities. Virtually no archaeological fieldwork has been done in the Himalayas and as such HEART has been documenting archaeology from multiple periods. Proceeds from this field school will be reinvested in heritage initiatives in partnership with local communities.

For more information, prices and booking please contact the Project Director, Dr. Hayley Saul: