Fieldwork Opportunity: Epigraphy Summer School in Bulgaria

80278_inscription_lgHardly a source could be found that is more important for the study of the Ancient society than the epigraphical monuments. This course provides a full treatment of the epigraphy as a historical discipline, which includes not only the introduction to it, but also a profound look into the ancient Roman society and a thorough study of all kinds of inscriptions and their peculiarities. The students will learn to use the newest methods of interpretation in their work with epigraphical documents, which will allow them to incorporate them into their future projects and researches in the fields of Ancient History, Archaeology, Classical Philology as well as others.

Situated in lands that used to be a border between the East and the West of the Roman Empire and between the Greek and Latin speaking lands of the Ancient Europe, modern Bulgaria provides an excellent studying ground in the field. This course is a great opportunity for all who want to add to their knowledge a competence of reading, deciphering, understanding, publishing the Latin and Greek inscriptions of the ancient Roman world; or who are simply curious to get acquainted with the matters of the life and death, religion, politics, economy and social relations, matters, people expressed on stone.



  • Historical introduction to the History of the Ancient Roman society
  • Theoretical lectures on the Greek and Latin inscriptions
  • Field work with original inscriptions
  • Making copies and imprints of the inscriptions

After the course the students would have acquired the following abilities:

  • Proficiency in the social history of the Roman world
  • Ability to incorporate inscriptions in their future projects
  • Ability to publish and interpret ancient inscriptions


  • Course name The inscriptions of the Roman World
  • Professional field: Classics, History, Archaeology
  • Course type: Bachelor/Master
  • Hours: Lectures 30 / Exercises 15
  • Credits (ECTS): 4

Price: 1100 euro. Accommodation /see here/, transport, food and drinks included. For discount, check here.

Price with credits: 1360 euro.

Nota Bene: In order to offer our students a most convenient time and flexible schedules the course is divided in three sessions, including a combined one for those, who would also want to gain knowledge and experience in the particular field of numismatics.

  • Duration: two weeks
  • July session:  11– 25 July, 2015 August session –1 – 15 August, 2015
  • Place: Bulgaria, Sofia & Montana
  • Previous knowledge: Basic knowledge of Latin and / or Ancient Greek is recommendable
  • Terms and conditions – here

Lecturer: Assist. Prof. Kalin Stoev, PhD

Course features: Lectures, exercises, travelling seminars