Fieldwork: Zincirli Excavations, Summer 2016

Zincirli Excavations, Summer 2016
Archaeological Fieldwork in Turkey!

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Undergraduate and graduate student assistants wanted for the Chicago-Tübingen excavations (August 3 -September 9) at Zincirli, Turkey, the Iron Age (900-600B.C.) and Middle Bronze Age (2000-1600B.C.) city of Samal. Help us uncover the history of this city, once the capital of an Aramaean kingdom and later a stronghold of the Assyrian Empire of Mesopotamia Learn excavation techniques, pottery and artifact analysis, remote-sensing technologies, mapping, and GIS in the field. Live in a Turkish village, make friends from Turkey and other countries at this multinational project, and explore nearby sites on the weekends.

For more information, contact: Dr. Virginia Herrmann –[email protected] and

Interested students must register (no commitment) by NOVEMBER 16, 2015