Fieldwork Opportunity: Historic Preservation Field School in Italy and Greece

The San Gemini Preservation Studies Program is a conservation field school in Italy that offers classes and a rare opportunity for students to obtain hands-on experience restoring original, ancient artifacts. The list of courses includes:


Session One (May 30 – June 24)

  • Building Restoration – Touching the Stones
  • Archaeological Ceramics Restoration
  • Book Bindings Restoration

Session Two (July 11 – August 5)

  • Paper Restoration
  • Traditional Materials, Methods of Painting and Art Restoration Issues
  • Preservation Theory and Practice in Italy


Intersession Field Trip – Italy (June 26 – July 5)

Intersession Field Trip – Athens (June 27 – July 8)

Intersession Program – The History of Food in Italy (June 27 – July 8)


Courses are open to students from various disciplines, both undergraduate and graduate.


To find out more about our programs and review the syllabi, please visit our website: