Fieldwork Opportunity: Vienna Program in Urban Archaeology

Vienna Program in Urban Archaeology
University of Illinois Study Abroad

view of Vienna

Fall 2016 semester abroad, 12 credits (6 advanced)
A unique opportunity to truly dig into Europe’s past!
Explore Vienna’s landscape and cultural developments from Roman times to the present.

The Vienna Program in Urban Archaeology allows you to join Vienna’s archaeologists for a semester in their quest to uncover the city’s buried heritage. You will be front-and-center as the team of 30 full-time archaeologists maps new excavation sites, forges beneath the city on its latest hunts, and surfaces Vienna’s hidden treasures. In the process, you will receive extensive training in archaeological field methods as well as the essential lab techniques necessary to analyze and catalogue the findings. You will also gain experience in museum studies, working with the staff of the Vienna Museum (home of the city’s Archaeology Division) on the public presentation of your discoveries.

Feb. 15, 2016 application deadline
Detailed information and application links available at