Fieldwork Opportunity: Menorca, Spain Summer Field School Information Session

Menora Field School in Archaeological Heritage Management

Information Session
Friday, February 26, 4pm
675 Commonwealth Avenue, Room STO 253
Boston, MA

Boston University’s Menorca Field School in Archaeological Heritage Management (Summer) offers an intensive introduction to contemporary principles and practice of preserving the world’s precious cultural heritage while exploring the rich cultural and natural sites of the island of Menorca, Spain. The easternmost of Spain’s Balearic Islands, Menorca is a UNESCO biosphere reserve and a candidate for World Heritage status. Menorca preserves archaeological and cultural sites from every period of its prehistory and history, ranging from megalithic Bronze/Iron Age settlements of the local Talayotic Culture to 20th-century remains of the Spanish Civil War. The island’s rich cultural legacy, together with its impressive and diverse natural settings, makes Menorca an outstanding laboratory for studying cultural heritage management.

Menorca Heritage field school is from June 8 – July 14.