Fieldwork Opportunity: Archaeology of the Roman Frontier (Transylvania, Romania)

Archaeology of the Roman Frontier (Transylvania, Romania) – Field School Opportunities in Field Archaeology, Applied Geophysics and Ethnoarchaeology/Museology

Our programs are intensive hands-on projects designed to immerse our participants in an active research environment and provide the opportunity for the acquisition of practical, technical and specialized field skills. Our research area focuses on Transylvania (Romania), a region essential to the prehistoric and historic development of the Old World – Europe. Transylvania, by its geographic position as one of the main access roads in and out of Europe, and by its highly fertile lands and natural resources (i.e. salt, copper, tin, iron, silver, gold, etc.), was at the core of the multiscalar transformative processes instrumental in European construction.

It is the last European territory conquered by the Roman Empire. Its riches has saved the Empire for collapse for another two centuries. Our projects focus on questions of transition and persistence in liminal contexts, creolization, identity and status negotiation/representation in unstable and dynamic environments, socio-cultural and spiritual adaptation as it pertains to times of crisis.

Our Roman frontier archaeology projects encompass the totality of “provincial life”, ranging from the evolution and integration of military life into the socio-economic and political fabric of frontier imperial society, the development of great urban centers such as Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana, the various aspects of rural provincial life and landscape strategies, and, finally, creation and expression of identity in transitory contexts.

ARCHAEOLOGY – EXCAVATION (2 weeks minimum):


For more information,  visit our website: , or contact us at [email protected] . All our projects are designed as intensive hands-on field experience programs, complemented by evening lectures, and, as such, are open to both credit students and non-credit participants. For thousands of pictures and perspectives from our past participants, visit our Facebook ArchaeoTek Community page.

Our projects are open to both credit students (both undergraduate and graduate) and non-credit participants (both student and non-student).

CFP: 4th International Landscape Archaeology Conference

The 4th International Landscape Archaeology Conference will be hosted by the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. It will be held at Uppsala University on 23-25 of August, 2016.
The LAC 2016 Scientific Committee is now inviting submissions of abstracts for individual papers and posters!
Deadline: 1st of April 2016

Call for papers and posters:

Abstract submission form and further information is available at the LAC 2016 web page:

Fieldwork Opportunity: Vienna Program in Urban Archaeology

Vienna Program in Urban Archaeology
University of Illinois Study Abroad

view of Vienna

Fall 2016 semester abroad, 12 credits (6 advanced)
A unique opportunity to truly dig into Europe’s past!
Explore Vienna’s landscape and cultural developments from Roman times to the present.

The Vienna Program in Urban Archaeology allows you to join Vienna’s archaeologists for a semester in their quest to uncover the city’s buried heritage. You will be front-and-center as the team of 30 full-time archaeologists maps new excavation sites, forges beneath the city on its latest hunts, and surfaces Vienna’s hidden treasures. In the process, you will receive extensive training in archaeological field methods as well as the essential lab techniques necessary to analyze and catalogue the findings. You will also gain experience in museum studies, working with the staff of the Vienna Museum (home of the city’s Archaeology Division) on the public presentation of your discoveries.

Feb. 15, 2016 application deadline
Detailed information and application links available at