CFP: 13th International Congress of Thracology

13th international congress of thracology, kazanlak 2017

The congress will be held in the town of Kazanlak, Bulgaria, from September 3 to September 7, 2017, under the general heading
Ancient Thrace: Myth and Reality.

The congress website is now open and you are warmly invited to visit it at <>
We remind you that the deadline for submitting your registration form and abstract is December 31, 2016, or two months from now. You should register online on the congress site (pressing “Registration” on the left pane and again “Registration” on the page this opens or on the flying sub-menu should bring you to the registration form. You should also upload your abstract to the congress site, pressing “Registration” on the left pane and then the button “Upload your abstract” on the page this opens or on the flying sub-menu will bring you to a page where you can do this; you will be invited to create an account before you can proceed with the upload. The procedure is not too complicated, but in case you have any difficulty in creating an account or uploading your summary on the congress site, please send it as a simple e-mail attachment to our e-mail address, <>. Your abstract should be written in one of the congress languages (English, French or German), preferably the same language in which you will present your communication. The abstract should begin with the exact title of the communication followed by your name. The text should not exceed 500 words and should present the main subjects and problems discussed in the communication. The abstract should be uploaded in Microsoft Word file format (.doc or .docx). For text in ancient Greek or other rare languages please use Palatino Linotype or another Unicode font. The abstracts will be published on the congress site.

Contributions concerning any aspects of and approaches to Thracian antiquity are welcome. Thracian and related history, archaeology, art, culture, language, religion, numismatics, epigraphy and interdisciplinary studies will be among the fields and topics discussed, in a time-span ranging from the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity.

The actual program of the congress will be established in January, after the end of the registration process, and will also be published on our website. It is at the same time, in January, that information and instructions on the transfer of the congress fee as well as details of travel and accommodation possibilities and of the congress excursions previewed will be published on the website of the congress. We remind you that the congress fee will amount to 50 Euro if payed by March 31, 2017, or 75 Euro if payed later; a reduced congress fee of 30 Euro before and 45 Euro after March 31 will be expected from young scientists who would not have completed 35 years of age by September 2017.

Please forward this letter to any of your contacts who you think might be interested in participating in the 13th International Congress of Thracology.

The Organizing Committee
Prof. Peter Delev (University of Sofia)
Prof. Totko Stoyanov (University of Sofia)
Prof. Svetlana Yanakieva (Centre of Thracology)
Assoc. Prof. Hristo Popov (National Archaeological Institute)
Assoc. Prof. Anelia Bozkova (National Archaeological Institute)
Assoc. Prof. Maya Vassileva (New Bulgarian University)
Momchil Marinov (Historical Museum Iskra, Kazanlak)