CFP: Rome and Iberian Peninsula

The Department of Classical Philology and the Department of Spanish Studies of the University in Lodz would like to invite you to an interdisciplinary academic conference entitled

Rome and Iberian Peninsula
Diversity of mutual relationships from ancient to modern times.
26–27th April 2017

The history of the Iberian Peninsula did not start with the Roman conquest, but the entrance of Romans on the Peninsula had a major influence on the history of peoples residing there. Since the Punic Wars, the Peninsula was gradually conquered, the administrative division changed, and the social structure was subject to transformations, just like commercial and economic relations. A remarkable role was played by linguistic, cultural and religious influences, as the Peninsula was the place where modern Romance languages of Spain and Portugal were created, and where Latin literature was written under the Roman influence. This was the place of origin of Seneca and Martial, who were distinguished for Rome, as well as two emperors: Trajan and Hadrian. Roman occupation influenced the development of the construction branch, the road system and technology, and that is still reflected by well-preserved remains of Roman cities and aqueducts. Even though that Roman power was eventually forced out of the Iberian Peninsula, consequences of those relationships proved to be incredibly persistent. The elements of the ancient Rome’s culture are still present not only on the Peninsula, but also in other countries which were under its influence.

The aim of our reflections on those issues will be to investigate the state of research on the aforementioned subject and an opportunity to exchange experiences from research focused on those issues with Polish and foreign speakers. We also hope that new and interesting research topics will emerge from discussions and will become a subject of studies conducted as part of joint projects.

We would like to invite literary scholars, linguists, culture scholars, historians, art historians, archaeologists and other researchers interested in the subject to take part in our interdisciplinary conference.

Please, send papers concerning the following topics related to the mutual relationships between the residents of the ancient Rome and the Iberian Peninsula:

  • The history of the Roman conquest of the Peninsula.
  • Political, economic and commercial relations in the ancient times.
  • Mutual linguistic influences.
  • Mutual literary influences and inspirations – such as genres, poetry, topics,  topoi and myths.
  • Reception of Roman literature on the Iberian Peninsula and in other Spanish-speaking countries – imitation, continuation and modification of literary patterns.
  • Inspirations in art.
  • Material culture remains from the Roman times on the Peninsula’s territory.
  • Population migrations in the ancient times and subsequent eras.
  • Transport and tourism.
  • Mutual relationships in the field of religion.
  • Everyday customs of Romans and their influence on the life of the residents of the Peninsula.
  • Reception and validity of ancient Rome’s traditions in the modern culture of the Iberian Peninsula and of other Spanish-speaking countries.

    Languages of the conference: Polish, English, Spanish

    Conference fee: 400 PLN / 100 Euro (the fee includes costs of participation, conference materials, coffee breaks, two lunches, a banquet and a monographic publication consisting of selected articles).
    Suggestions of topics together with an abstract (up to 1500 characters) should be sent e-mail until the 31st January 2017 to the following organisers’ addresses:
    Adriana Grzelak-Krzymianowska, PhD (Polish, English)
    [email protected]
    Maria Judyta Woźniak, PhD (Polish, Spanish)
    [email protected]

    The applicants will be informed about their paper acceptance in mid-February. That is also when practical information will be provided.

    Anticipated time of a speech duration: 20 minutes.

    The Conference will be held in Training and Conference Centre of the University of Lodz, Kopcinskiego st.  16/18, Lodz. (It is also the accommodation place. Approximate costs for a single room 100 PLN/22 Euro

    Scientific Committee
    prof. Wiaczesław Nowikow
    prof. Zbigniew Danek
    prof. Joanna Sowa
    dr hab. Agnieszka Kłosińska-Nachin

    Organizing Commitee:
    Adriana Grzelak-Krzymianowska, PhD (Department of Classical Philology)
    Maria Judyta Woźniak, PhD (Department of Spanish Studies)