Fieldwork Opportunity: Roman Forum Summer 2017 Field School

Summer 2017
Archaeology Field School
SIGNUM VORTUMNI The Tarquins and Rome
26 June – 31 July 2017

A project to unveil, on the slopes of Rome’s Palatine Hill, signs of

Etruscan cultural and religious influence which gave rise to the
birth of Roman civilization

ISAR announces a summer field school season which will present a sequence of lessons, both in the classroom and on-site, to provide
students with the basic skills and understanding to discern
multiple phases of the site at the base of the Palatine Hill. Lessons
will address urban, architectural and artistic history and
topography of ancient Rome with the aim of helping students
recognize and, especially, to identify architectural elements and
their time periods. Further lessons will focus on helping students
to understand techniques of stratigraphic investigation, including
the use of topographic instruments, combining hand-drawing with digital record-keeping.

Accurate completion of survey records will give students valuable
experience in cultural heritage documentation.
Finally, specific lessons will also focus on ceramic, stone and other
finds from Roman, medieval and Renaissance periods which may
come to light in the stratigraphic contexts uncovered by the
archeological probes.

Each of these pedagogic components will combine clear, illustrated
instruction by experts in the field with readings, interactive
discussions and practical applications.

Located in the Horrea Agrippiana section of the Roman Forum, at
the base of the Palatine Hill, the 5-week field school will provide:
• classroom lessons and visits to archaeological sites and
• hands-on experience in a prestigious excavation with a
respected team of international archaeologists and architects
• lodging in central Rome (optional)

Field School Cost: Euro € 4,500/participant (€2,500 without housing)

Fee covers:
• Tuition
• public transportation within the city of Rome
• entry fees for archaeological sites and museums visited during the first week,
• printed materials,
• welcome and farewell dinners
• Lunch and snacks provided onsite from Monday to Friday
• Optional: housing in the historic center of Rome in shared  apartments (Wi- Fi connection included)

Deadline for application is 30 April 2017