Fieldwork Opportunity: 71st Empúries Archaeology Course 2017

New methods and techniques in archaeological recording and exploration

70_curs d'empúries

The archaeological interventions of the 70th Empúries Archaeology Course are part of the project that started in the Roman city in 2000 with the excavation of the so-called Insula 30, and will focus specifically on the tabernae and domestic structures located in the southern half of the insula. The objective is to study evidence related to the previous occupation of this part of the city during the Late Republican Period, which preceded the transformation of the insula in the Augustan age.

With the aim of complementing the practical knowledge acquired during excavation, “New methods and techniques in archaeological recording and exploration” has been chosen as the monographic subject for this year’s course, given the importance that these questions have nowadays in the planning and undertaking of archaeological excavations. Over several theoretical sessions, as well as through practical demonstrations, an approximation will be made to the application of different methodologies, such as geographical information systems, remote sensing, geophysical prospecting and geomorphology, to archaeology. On Saturdays, several visits are also planned: the Iberian settlement in Ullastret, the cities of Girona and Tarragona.

The Empúries Archaeology Course is aimed at second cycle university students studying a degree in Archaeology or History, and at Master’s students, preferably with previous experience in archaeological excavation. People interested in participating in the course should contact their university’s archaeology department, which will be able to process applications. The deadline for applications is 31st May 2017.

In the coming weeks the final program of the course will be published together with information about lectures and other activities.

  • Date: 2nd to 22nd July 2017
  • Place: MAC Empúries
  • Price: 300€ This price includes accommodation and board during the course, attendance at practical and theoretical sessions and the planned visits.

MAC-Empúries offers the possibility for two students to be able to obtain a grant to cover the price of the course.

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