Fieldwork Opportunity: San Valentino Field School


The San Valentino Archaeology Field School project offers training  to undergraduate and graduate students interested in the  archaeological research process, from excavation to lab work, guided by a qualified research team from University of Tuscia.
The archaeological area of San Valentino is located on top of a plateau covered by vegetation about 5 km from Soriano nel Cimino, a town characterized by two different inhabitation patterns: a small
medieval center around the castle built by pope Nicholas II Orsini in the 13th century and the extended Renaissance quarters around this first settlement.

The excavation, under the scientific direction of professor Elisabetta De Minicis of University of Tuscia, brought to light a significant church dedicated to Saint Valentine and dated to the 11th century
AD, perhaps built over a much earlier structure, surrounded by a large cemeterial area and a probable settlement completely forgotten by the historical record. In addition, also ancient Roman and medieval agricultural structures (for wine production) begin to emerge from the area close to the excavated areas.

The 2018 campaign, which will take place from June 15th to July 16th, aims at uncovering the entire cemeterial area and identifying the other structures close to the ecclesiastic building. During the project students will stay at the four-star hotel with swimming pool “Hotel dell’Eremo” in a double room and will be taken to and from the excavation site by a private driver. During weekdays breakfast and dinner will be served at the hotel, while lunch (always served by a local restaurant) will be brought on the excavation site. Tuition also covers breakfast and dinner during weekends. All meals will be prepared by local chefs and will therefore constitute an opportunity for students to enjoy and learn about Italian cuisine. In addition to a thorough field training on all the steps of the excavation process, also an Italian language course will be offered to international students. The program also includes weekend trips to Rome, Viterbo and the surrounding territories. Students are left free on Sunday.
At the end of the four-week experience University of Tuscia will issue a certificate of attendance.

In order to join the San Valentino Archaeology Field School, students must submit the application form by May 15th, attaching also their proof of international health and safety coverage and
the copy of a valid passport. Previous fieldwork experiences and knowledge of Italian are not mandatory requirements to apply.
The entire cost of tuition including a four week stay in a four-star hotel, food for the entire period of stay (excluded weekend lunches), transport to and from the airport, trips to Rome and Viterbo (transport, museum tickets and tour guide included), Italian language course, mentoring in English for the entire length of the fieldwork experience, transportation to and from the excavation site, is of $4.500. Once the student receives the email of acceptance, he is required to pay within 15 days a non-refundable deposit of $500 and to pay the remaining $4.000 of tuition by June 7th.

Apply to [email protected] by May 15th.
The application form and more information are available on the
Facebook Page:

For further information feel free to write to  [email protected]