Fieldwork 2021: Past to Present Archaeology

Students are welcome to join the Medieval and Bronze Age excavations at the site of Manglisi, Georgia (country not US), in summer 2021. Students will be able to gain more experience working on an archaeological site whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Caucasus Mountains.

Flights are not included but everything else is. The research is being
undertaken by Ilia State University in Georgia in collaboration with
Past to Present Archaeology. There are a number of projects that
students might want to get involved with, depending on their interests, so this is also a good networking for students wanting to pursue an archaeological career. The project will hopefully provide students with future research ideas and possible dissertation topics, should they wish to pursue these avenues. For further details please visit:

Anyone interested can either contact Rupert Birtwistle by email on [email protected]¬†or alternatively contact Past to Present
Archaeology via their website.