Call for Papers
Archaeologies is a high-profile journal which is distinctive in its wide coverage and geographical range. It publishes contributions of global significance with high impact on the development of archaeology as a global endeavour. We especially welcome contributions from those areas of the world not regularly represented in high-profile publications and representing views of archaeology from those who engage with archaeologists but perhaps do not identify themselves as archaeologists.

We seek offers of papers of general archaeological concern from any area of the world that will inform archaeological practice, theory or understanding more widely and can especially challenge local and global power geometries. As part of our mission and distinctiveness we recognise the especial importance of non-Western epistemologies and intellectual traditions and are keen to represent these in our pages. We are also keen to encourage younger colleagues to contribute to debates at the global level in the belief that they have new and distinctive perceptions of archaeology and its place in the world.

The editors are very happy to advise new and prospective authors on proposals. Contact us at:
John Carman [email protected]
Kathryn Weedman Arthur [email protected]