CFP: Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine fibulae

Call for Papers

We are glad to inform you that an international virtual conference on fibulae in the Archaic, Classical,  Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Mediterranean and Black Sea area will take place on May 12-13, 2022 on, with each day dedicated to several thematic sesssions using the Zoom webinar platform. A fibula is  a brooch or pin for fastening garments, typically at the right shoulder.  

The purpose of this video conference is to create an analytical framework for understanding the  fibulae in their social and material contexts. In recent decades, major excavation projects have produced vast  quantities of material data that have reshaped our understanding of the fibulae, while also raising new  questions about their use and production over the long term. In this online conference we only focus on  Greek, Roman and Byzantine fibulae from the Mediterranean and Black Sea area between c. early sixth century  B.C. and early seventh century A.D., and attempt to set out a comprehensive model for the study of fibulae,  including their definition, typology, chronology, contexts, function, regional characteristics and distribution  patterns in the whole Mediterranean and Black Sea geographies.  

We warmly welcome submissions from junior and senior scholars, including advanced graduate students and  postdoctoral scholars from a variety of disciplines related to these objects. We seek to bring together  researchers who can present new syntheses of archeological data and enter into dialogue with scholars  working on the same material subsets. The organizers will accept papers that offer methodological, theoretical  or analytical approaches to material datasets. Intended to bring together scholars of Greek, Roman and  Byzantine archaeology to discuss a range of issues concerning these instruments’ characteristics, this  electronic conference should be an excellent opportunity to increase our knowledge about this material. We  invite papers that engage the following themes and topics:  

Fibulae from archaeological field projects (especially well-dated finds), museums and private collections,  – Ancient Greek and Latin textual sources on fibulae,  

– Evolution of fibulae in the Mediterranean and Black Sea area during the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic,  Roman and Byzantine periods,  

– Similar instrumenta in the ancient Near East and their relations to ancient Graeco-Roman fibulae,  – What ancient Greeks and Romans thought about afterlife? Fibulae in funerary and votive contexts,  – Domestic and commercial use of fibulae,  

– Early Christian fibulae,  

– Byzantine fibulae,  

– Post-Byzantine or modern replicas of Classical fibulae,  

– Eastern fibulae in the ancient western world,  

– Major production centres of fibulae in the eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea area,  – Related instrumenta to fibulae in the regards of their function,  

– Documentation and analysis of fibulae,  

– Publication of fibulae in the Mediterranean in possible corpara,  


On these themes and questions, all disciplines, approaches and methods susceptible to bring some progress  to our current knowledge are of course welcome: classical archaeology, Byzantine archaeology, archaeometry,  history of art, ancient history and cultural anthropology etc. Archaeometric papers related to fibula research  are most welcome. English is the official language of the e-conference. Your lecture will be recorded during  the conference and this record will be displayed in Youtube after. The e-conference is free of charge.  Conference sessions are structured around the respondent’s presentation and discussion of each paper (five  mins) followed by an author response and general discussion by session participants (30-40 minutes).  

We would be delighted, if you could consider contributing to our e-conference and contact us with the  required information below before February 1, 2022. Our e-mail addresses are: [email protected] or  [email protected]  

We would be thankful, if you send us your abstract and required information only in word doc. For all your  queries concerning the e-conference our phone number is: +90.539.577 07 33. 

We would also be grateful if the lecturers can submit their presentations as a video until April 15, 2022 so that  we can make sure to have their lectures prior to the virtual conference on May 12-13.  After the conference participants will be required to submit their revised papers by October 1. Revised papers  will be published in a peer-reviewed proceedings volume.  

The organizers seek to widen participation at this e-conference, and would like to encourage colleagues from  all parts of the world to attend. The conference committee kindly requests that you alert any interested  researches, colleagues and students within your research community who would be interested in participating  at this e-conference, either by forwarding our e-mail through Academia, Researchgate, Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram or other similar social media, or by printing this circular or our poster and displaying it in your  institution. Please share it also on your ListServs. We hope that you will be able to join us on Zoom, and look  forward to seeing you in May!

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