Fieldwork Opportunities: Svoge Heritage Program

Svoge Heritage Program will host two field school projects in 2022:

1. Archaeological excavations of St. Panteleimon church
Type: Archaeological Field School
Period: Late Roman Ages 4th – 6th c. AD
Dates: 31 July – 20 August, 2022
Participation fee: EUR 1,480 (about 1,678 USD) for three weeks.
Places available: 10
“The project offers an opportunity to gain basic skills on archaeological research, to discover and to analyse archaeological data. In course of the excavations, the students will have a chance to take part in a scientific project, to learn the basic steps of preliminary research activities, GIS studies, topographical and historical context, field methods of starting archaeological digs.”

2. Drenovets Excavation Project
Type: Archaeological Field School
Period: Late Roman (4th – 6th c. AD)
Dates: 28 August – 10 September & 11 – 24 September, 2022
Participation fee: 1,399 EUR (about 1,586 USD) for two weeks.
Places available: 10
“DRENOVETS 2022 is an intensive, two-week educational program in Roman field archaeology. In course of this program, the students will take part in ongoing excavations in the Roman town situated near the modern village of Drenovets. The program offers a combination of fifteen days of hands-on fieldwork and seminars devoted to small finds processing and archaeological illustrations. Students will visit as well some of the most popular sightseeing places in the region and will take part in an Archaeological workshop in experimental archaeology ‘VITA AETERNA.'”