The Field School

From the Field School, Frost Town Archaeology website:

The Field School is a six credit course offered through SUNY Brockport as ANT 442. If you are in the SUNY system already (including Community Colleges in New York), it is very easy to have this credit count toward your degree.* Registration for summer classes will begin at the end of March.

Frost Town is an immersive three week program, meaning Dr. Smith will secure housing for you during the four week stay in Naples for an additional fee. It is highly recommended that you take this option. The additional fee will not include food and the amount will depend on final numbers of individual students for the 2022 field school. In the past, this fee has ranged from 350 to 600 dollars for the duration of the school (including weekends to move in and out). We will also closely watch the pandemic to make sure this arrangement is safe given current safety precautions. We will update this page with testing and safety protocols.

For more information, contact Dr. Smith at [email protected]

*For those in the Museum Studies and Public History program at Brockport, this course can count either as an elective or an internship.