ARCE February 2022 Lecture

“From Survey to History: The Region of Wadi el-Hudi through the Eras” with Professor Kate Liszka

From the American Research Center in Egypt:

This talk will discuss the unpublished history of the Wadi el-Hudi region based on the recent work, adding new information about the Paleolithic Period, the Predynastic Period, the Middle Kingdom, the New Kingdom, the Persian Period, the Late Ptolemaic and Early Roman Periods, the Late Roman Period, the Islamic Period, and modern activities. It will talk about the role of this region for mining, for pastoral nomads, and as a caravan route. The region of Wadi el-Hudi was integral to the history of the Eastern Desert throughout the eras, both for pharaohs’ jewelry and so much more.

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February 27, 2022


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