Submerge Yourself In ArchaeoCon, Saturday, March 5!

From the Archaeological Institute of America:

Two of our featured ArchaeoCon presenters have collectively spent decades underground and underwater uncovering the mysteries of the past.  Join us for live presentations and Q&A with maritime archaeologist Jim Delgado and Mayanist and archaeological illustrator Heather Hurst. 

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1:00 pm ET
Heather Hurst presents The Murals of San Bartolo: A Maya Masterpiece in Pieces

Anyone who has experienced the frustration and satisfaction of putting together a jigsaw puzzle will be awed by the tale of Hurst’s 10-year effort to document and re-assemble nearly 7,000 fragments of mural paintings in the pyramid of Las Pinturas at San Bartolo in Guatemala.  The San Bartolo murals are remarkable for their depiction of origin mythologies from the time of the first Maya kings and queens, as well as for their hieroglyphic texts. Experience the magnificent murals and story of San Bartolo like never before though the eyes of illustrator, archaeologist, and materials scientist (not to mention, MacArthur “Genius” and Guggenheim Fellow) Heather Hurst.

7:00 pm ET
James Delgado presents Behind the Scenes with National Geographic International’s Number One Maritime Archaeology Show, “Drain the Oceans”

For over five decades, maritime archaeologist James Delgado has worked on some of history’s most iconic shipwrecks – the Titanic, Kublai Khan’s lost fleet from his invasion of Japan in 1281, the Civil War Wreck of the USS Monitor, the wrecks from D-Day,  the Arctic exploration, the California gold rush, the lost ships of Pearl Harbor and the atomic tests at Bikini Atoll, and most recently, the Clotilda, the last known ship to bring enslaved people to America.  ArchaeoCon participants will be transported behind the scenes of the show to talk about how archaeology helps film makers and how films and documentaries help archaeology.  Delgado will share insights into many of the wrecks and sites featured in this and past seasons—as well as a few of the iconic wrecks not featured in “Drain the Oceans” (yet!).

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