Field School Opportunity: Despotiko, the Cyclades, Greece

The Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies Field School is offering an opportunity to work with academics and practitioners from leading UK and European universities to learn by observing, questioning, and doing. Within these two-week field courses, students will meet others from around the world toe explore the importance of island archaeology and why it matters.

The archaeological excavation of the Sanctuary of Apollo at Despotiko is run in partnership with the Ephorate of the Antiquities of the Cyclades, Greek Ministry of Culture. This two-week Island Archaeology Field School will explore the key achievements of Parian culture during the Archaic period through the lens of the island’s ancient sites and the magnificent ceramics and sculptures housed in the Archaeological Museum of Paros. The Field School will devote particular attention to the Sanctuary of Apollo on nearby Despotiko, where students will have the opportunity to excavate for two weeks and learn the basics of field archaeology. To place Parian achievements in context, we will visit museums in Naxos and Delos to compare the Archaic materials from these sites. The two-week course also comprises a series of thematic lectures that will acquaint students with broader themes of the Archaic period, helping to set the background to understand the Parian achievements within the broad context of Greece.

Cost: £3000 (includes accommodation, dinner on site, travel from London and all cultural activities). Requires a £500 deposit.

Dates: June 3 – 16, 2023

The field school is limited to 10 students – learn more about registration here!