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Fieldwork Opportunity: 71st Empúries Archaeology Course 2017

New methods and techniques in archaeological recording and exploration

70_curs d'empúries

The archaeological interventions of the 70th Empúries Archaeology Course are part of the project that started in the Roman city in 2000 with the excavation of the so-called Insula 30, and will focus specifically on the tabernae and domestic structures located in the southern half of the insula. The objective is to study evidence related to the previous occupation of this part of the city during the Late Republican Period, which preceded the transformation of the insula in the Augustan age.

With the aim of complementing the practical knowledge acquired during excavation, “New methods and techniques in archaeological recording and exploration” has been chosen as the monographic subject for this year’s course, given the importance that these questions have nowadays in the planning and undertaking of archaeological excavations. Over several theoretical sessions, as well as through practical demonstrations, an approximation will be made to the application of different methodologies, such as geographical information systems, remote sensing, geophysical prospecting and geomorphology, to archaeology. On Saturdays, several visits are also planned: the Iberian settlement in Ullastret, the cities of Girona and Tarragona.

The Empúries Archaeology Course is aimed at second cycle university students studying a degree in Archaeology or History, and at Master’s students, preferably with previous experience in archaeological excavation. People interested in participating in the course should contact their university’s archaeology department, which will be able to process applications. The deadline for applications is 31st May 2017.

In the coming weeks the final program of the course will be published together with information about lectures and other activities.

  • Date: 2nd to 22nd July 2017
  • Place: MAC Empúries
  • Price: 300€ This price includes accommodation and board during the course, attendance at practical and theoretical sessions and the planned visits.

MAC-Empúries offers the possibility for two students to be able to obtain a grant to cover the price of the course.

Further informations:
Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya-Empúries
C/ Puig i Cadafalch, s/n. 17130, L’Escala, (Alt Empordà), Spain
Tel. (+34) 972 77 02 08 |

Fieldwork Opportunity: Balkan Heritage Field School – last call for 2017 registration!

Registration will be closing soon for our 2017 field schools. Whether you are interested in archaeology, conservation or art history expeditions, there is a project for you:


  • Ancient Greeks in the Land of Dionysos – Excavation of Emporion Pistiros, Thrace
  • Apollonia Pontica Excavation Project
  • Bona Mansio – Roman Road Station on Via Diagonalis
    Bresto: Digging in the Time of Troy
  • Byzantine Cold Case File: Excavations of an Early Christian Мonastery near Varna on the Black Sea
  • Stobi (The Capital City of Macedonia Secunda) Excavation Project
  • Tell Yunatsite Excavations – Seeking Europe’s First Civilization TWO scholarships available!
  • The Birth of Europe – Excavations of the Neolithic Settlement Ilindentsi
  • Romans in Illyricum – Doclea Excavations


  • Workshop for Conservation of Ancient Greek Pottery
  • Workshops for Conservation of Roman Pottery and Glass
  • Workshops for Conservation of Roman Mosaics and Mural Paintings
  • Workshop for Interventive & Preventive Conservation of Textiles, Paper & Metal

Art History Expeditions

  • ”Fresco-Hunting” Photo Research Expedition to Medieval Balkan Churches
  • Archaeology of Communism – Expedition to Communist Monuments of Bulgaria

And if you can’t decide, choose one of our packs which combines two projects for double the experience, but not double the cost!

  • Ancient Greek Pack
  • Prehistoric Pack Ancient
  • Ancient Greek and Roman Pack
  • Conservation of Ancient Pottery and Glass
  • Black Sea Pack
  • European Archaeology in Brief – All in one pack (combines 3 projects!)

Reminder: BHFS alumni receive a 10% discount!

For project details, visit:

Fieldwork Opportunity: IAFS Summer Programs in Trim, Ireland

Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS)

We are Ireland’s leading provider of accredited, field-based archaeological research and training. The ethos of the school is to provide an opportunity for students of archaeology and anthropology to experience at first hand the excitement of archaeological excavation in a teaching environment.

Set in the heart of the Boyne Valley in the heritage town of Trim, County Meath, Ireland, our field school offers students a safe, welcoming and authentic Irish cultural experience.

The focus of the field school is the archaeological excavations at the Black Friary, in the heart of the Heritage town of Trim.  The dig is the cornerstone of the nationally and internationally recognised multi-award winning Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project.

Whilst our programs are excavation-centered and aimed primarily at students of archaeology, anthropology and forensics, courses are open to all, and are guaranteed to give you an enriching and thoroughly worthwhile study abroad adventure.

Our main field season typically take places from May to August, and includes four week accredited courses (through our partners the Institute for Field Research) as well as shorter unaccredited options (please click here).  We also host a number of faculty led courses for a range of academic partners and are the industry leader in the delivery of customised heritage themed study abroad options.

For more information, visit:

Fieldwork Opportunity: Numismatics Summer School

The Institute of Historical Research of the National Hellenic Research Foundation is pleased to announce the organisation of its first Summer School on Ancient Greek and Roman Numismatics, to take place at its premises in Athens, from 3 to 12 July 2017.

The courses will provide a chronological survey of ancient Greek and Roman coinage (from the invention of coinage to the Roman period), combined with special lectures on numismatic methodology, such as the study of coin hoards, metrology, iconography and online resources. Practical sessions will take place at the NHRF premises, in museums and archaeological sites.

The Summer School on Numismatics is addressed to undergraduates, postgraduate students and PhD candidates in History, Archaeology and Art History, to historians and archaeologists, but also to individuals with a special interest in numismatics.

Further information on the Summer School can be found on its website:

Fieldwork Opportunity: IHU Summer School 2017

International Hellenic University’s 2017 5th Summer School on Ancient Technology and the Voyage of Luxuries, is being held 26 June-7 July this summer, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Programme Summary

Progress and innovation in technology were of exceptional importance for the development of ancient societies and have been of great interest to many disciplines. This year, the International Hellenic University Summer School is focusing on Ancient Technology and the Voyage of Luxuries offering the opportunity to study how technological achievements of ancient cultures facilitate luxurious activities; luxury as a social practice is exclusive per se. Based on the processes of the integration of those who belong to a certain elite group, but also on the exclusion of those who don’t, it is actually a social identifier throughout Antiquity. Subjects such as how the diffusion of improved infrastructural, organizational and mechanical technologies facilitated the production and distribution of luxury items (e.g. faience, glassware, jewelry, ceramics, toreutics, etc) or how the invention and transfer of new technologies served the needs of the ancient societies for prosperity, hence luxury, will be discussed.

In the course of the programme, the latest historical research along with state-of-the-art scientific techniques applied to the analysis of archaeological findings will be presented by senior academics and field archaeologists who are experts in their research areas

The Summer School on Ancient Technology is planned to be held annually with the aim of a) providing an international forum on technological achievements of the ancient Greek world and b) making greater use of the rich resources of Greece in terms of specialists in ancient technology research.

The aim of this 2-week intensive School is to make the participants more acquainted with aspects of ancient technologies by providing up-to-date knowledge presented and discussed by the experts of the relevant fields.

Participation fees

The tuition fees are 450€.

Participants will have to cover their own travel, accommodation and everyday expenses. Participants can choose accommodation from a variety of options, available at the city of Thessaloniki.

Total fees of 350 € in case of pre-payment by 10 May 2017

More Information