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Fieldwork Opportunity: Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project

Blackfriary Archaeology Field School

The BAFS archaeological investigations are part of the award winning Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project (BCHAP) in the town of Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland.  The archaeology comprises the buried remains of the C13th AD/CE Dominican Friary and associated graveyard and is suitable for students from a wide range of backgrounds including archaeology, history, anthropology, forensics – or just students looking for a unique study abroad experience in general.  The program will include students of all ages and nationalities working and living in a community context, so students are actively engaged with a public archaeology project and integrate with the local community.

Our main field season typically take places from May to August, and includes four week and five week courses (BAFS Summer courses) as well as internship opportunities (BAFS Internships) for those with the requisite experience. Our five-week course includes a significant bioarchaeology component taught by Dr. Rachel Scott of DePaul University, Chicago, and myself.  We also host faculty led courses for a range of academic partners and have significant experience in providing services to students and faculty, ensuring an excellent educational and culturally rich study abroad experience.

For more information, visit and see attached flyer: BAFS-Flyer


Archaeology Field School by The University of Haifa International School in Collaboration with Hippos-Sussita Excavation Project
Field Experience, Workshops, Lectures and Guided Tours

The 20th season of excavations at Hippos-Sussita will be happening in July 2019. Our dig is open for students and amateurs from all over the world. Detailed information can be found on our website, and in the flyer attached.
We offer a general field school for students, as well as other personalized options of research and collaboration for those interested in practical Classical archaeology.
The ancient city of Hippos, one of the Decapolis, was erected upon the plateau of Sussita Mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee which stretches west of it. The Hippos dig offers an exciting opportunity in one of the most dramatic sceneries in the region.
The team will lodge in the beautiful Kibbutz Ein-Gev on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

During the upcoming season we plan on excavating the following areas:

  • The Roman Theater
  • The Roman Sanctuary
  • The Byzantine burnt church

Cost and Credits
The Hippos 2019 field school will extend for a month, between 30th June and 25th July 2019. The program will be divided into two sessions, each of two weeks. Session 1: June 30th – July 11th Session 2: July 14th – July 25th. Cost for full Room and Board: $2500 Tuition Fee for 4 Credits: $200 (10% discount on the total sum for those registering and paying the registration fee or full participation fee until the 31st of January 2019.) During weekends (Fri-Sat) the participants choose whether to stay at the Kibbutz (costs included) and rest, or travel in the region on their own.

Phone: 972-4-8249392
Fax: 972-4-8249876

Hippos-Sussita 2019 Season Flyer

Fieldwork: SVOGE archaeological field school 2019

Svoge Heritage program is seeking for volunteers and students to take part in the second season of the archaeological digs at Roman fortress in Iskar gorge.

The successful previous digs revealed a huge stronghold build in the ages of Constantinian dynasty (306–363). This is the only military outpost ever studied in this area and the excavations will give information about the military and administrative organization in the earlier stages of Byzantine Empire.

The field school place is located in tourist and ecological region not far from the main Bulgarian city – Sofia. The excavations are supported by Svoge Municipality and the local Historical community center. Practical and theoretical lectures will be given by different experts in the area of field archaeology and Roman history.

The excavations will be held between June 30 and July 27, 2019.

Low educational tax of 738 Euros is required in the time of applying.

Additional information can be found at

Fieldwork: Roman fortress in the Danube Delta, Romania

A four week volunteer program on a Roman fort
in the Danube Delta Romania

Now recruiting volunteers for the 2019 season 8 July to 3 August
Cost: 1300 USD for full room/board and fees

Halmyris, occupied from the 1st to the 7th centuries CE, lies on the borders of the Roman Empire in a region which faced repeated attachs in Antiquity. The fort today reveals a wealth of material culture and a fascinating archaeological record with multiple phases of destruction and rebuilding.

Join us for 2019 and help excavate one of the best preserved forts on the Lower Danube frontier!

For more information on the site and how to apply, visit our website at or find us on Facebook at ‘Archaeology at Halmyris’

For all enquiries, please contact Volunteer Program Coordinator Emily Hanscam at email



Fieldwork Opportunity: Archaeology and Anthropology Study Abroad in Ireland in 2019

The Irish Archaeology Field School provides expert led third level training in heritage based studies to both individual students as well as university partners (please see for more details). This year the IAFS are launching an exciting range of credited programs, focusing on excavation, anthropology, forensic anthropology and geoarchaeology. These courses take place in June/July/August, with shorter courses also available in March (during spring break), and vary in length from 1 to 4 weeks.

The majority of programs are taught from the site of Carrick Castle (and settlement), Ferrycarrig, County Wexford, the southeast of Ireland. This internationally important archaeological monument is the site of the first Norman Castle in Ireland, constructed in 1169. The site is located within the stunning confines of the Irish National Heritage Park, a 40 acre parkland featuring the largest open air museum in Ireland.

We also offer a geoarchaeology/environmental science studies program, administered by our parent company The Irish Heritage School, which uniquely combines field studies with laboratory work to piece together three different landscapes in three distinct locations: Birr, in the midlands; the Burren in County Clare on the West coast; and Clare Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

We are confident that our programs will appeal to students from a wide range of disciplines – including archaeology, history, anthropology, medieval studies, geology, environmental science, geography, Irish studies etc. – or indeed just students looking for a unique study abroad experience in general. Programs will include third level students of all ages and nationalities. Several cultural trips are provided as part of each program. Together with the option of staying with local families in homestay accommodation, these trips ensure a deeply enriching cultural immersion, guaranteeing students a truly memorable experience.

Visit for pictures/videos of 2018 programs.