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The Field School

The Field School is a six credit course offered through SUNY Brockport as ANT 442. If you are in the SUNY system already (including Community Colleges in New York), it is very easy to have this credit count toward your degree.* Registration for summer classes will begin at the end of March.

Frost Town is an immersive three week program, meaning Dr. Smith will secure housing for you during the four week stay in Naples for an additional fee. It is highly recommended that you take this option. The additional fee will not include food and the amount will depend on final numbers of individual students for the 2022 field school. In the past, this fee has ranged from 350 to 600 dollars for the duration of the school (including weekends to move in and out). We will also closely watch the pandemic to make sure this arrangement is safe given current safety precautions. We will update this page with testing and safety protocols.

For more information, contact Dr. Smith at [email protected]

*For those in the Museum Studies and Public History program at Brockport, this course can count either as an elective or an internship.

Fieldwork: Excavation Opportunities for Military Veterans

American Veterans Archaeological Recovery (AVAR) conducts expert archaeological fieldwork worldwide by combining the drive and precision of military veterans with academic training and supervision. 

Bonds made on excavations help veterans work through feelings of isolation, disempowerment, and loss of purpose that often occur when service members transition into the civilian world. While our program primarily serves disabled veterans, our emphasis is on ability. We work diligently to create a program that accommodates a diverse community of veterans. Unique in the United States, the AVAR program helps veterans find their future while exploring the past. We describe the enhancement of archaeological fieldwork processes to benefit and develop the participant over the long-term as ‘Rehabilitation Archaeology’.

Learn more at and in the flyer below.

Fieldwork Opportunity: Blackfriary Archaeology Field School – Summer 2021

The Blackfriary Archaeological Field School (BAFS) been providing archaeological training and internships to university students (see since 2010. While at a time of pandemic and uncertainty it is difficult for staff and students to plan ahead for study abroad experiences, BAFS would like to assure you that our field school activities are fully compliant with health and safety in light of Covid 19 and it helps greatly that our activities are predominantly outdoors.

The Blackfriary Archaeology Field School is part of the award-winning Blackfriary Community Heritage and Archaeology Project (BCHAP) in the town of Trim, County Meath, Ireland. Focusing on the buried remains of the 13th century AD/CE Dominican friary and associated graveyard, the field school is suitable for students from a wide range of backgrounds including archaeology, history, anthropology, and forensics – and for students looking for a unique study abroad experience. As participants in a public archaeology project, students are actively engaged with our outreach activities on site. They are also housed with families in Trim, allowing them to integrate with the local community.

We are offering two courses in summer 2021 (BAFS Summer courses), as well as internship opportunities (BAFS Internships). The four-week course, 2 sessions from 4 – 28 May and 1 – 25 June, provides training in excavation and post-excavation methods. The five-week course, from 30 June to 30 July 2021, includes a significant bioarchaeology component taught by Dr. Rachel Scott of DePaul University, Chicago, as well as general excavation techniques. We hope to be able to grant 10 ECTS credits (generally equivalent to 5 American semester credits) for these courses and can confirm this with you soon. For students with previous field and/or lab experience, we offer internships for a minimum of six weeks in the areas of excavation, post-excavation, and community outreach. You can find more information on our brochure (BAFS Flyer), through the links to our social media pages below, or on our website at

Fieldwork Opportunity: IAFS

Irish Archaeology Field School (IAFS)
We are Ireland’s leading provider of accredited, field-based archaeological research and training programs. The ethos of the school is to provide an opportunity for students of archaeology and anthropology to experience at first hand the excitement of archaeological excavation in a teaching environment.

Our 2021 programmes are now open. In 2021 we offering 11 different educational program options across a range of fields, including:
• Archaeological Excavation
• Forensic Anthropology
• Medieval History
• Bioarchaeology
• Environmental Science
• Landscape Archaeology
• Experimental Archaeology
These programs are delivered from two of the premier heritage sites in Ireland and our new headquarters in Birr, namely:
• Carrick, Co. Wexford (site of the first recorded Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland after the 1169 AD/CE invasion, which later developed as a high medieval castle and borough) and
• Ferns, Co. Wexford (an early medieval c. 7th century monastic site, which continued in use through the medieval period)
• John’s Hall in Birr, C0. Offaly – our new set of heritage buildings, which have been purposely restored as a school.

View all 2021 programs here.

Winter Programs
Our winter programs are perfect for those who prefer a ‘path less trodden’, as it is a much quieter time of the year on the site and in Ireland, meaning a much more intimate experience that is ended everyday by a stunning winter sunset from Carrick Hill! Our winter programs coincide with the southern hemisphere’s summer holidays but also suit US students who can’ squeeze them in’ on their winter break as a great way to start 2021. We are offering two credited winter programs in both excavation and experimental archaeology.

For more information about IAFS visit

Fieldwork 2021: Past to Present Archaeology

Students are welcome to join the Medieval and Bronze Age excavations at the site of Manglisi, Georgia (country not US), in summer 2021. Students will be able to gain more experience working on an archaeological site whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the Caucasus Mountains.

Flights are not included but everything else is. The research is being
undertaken by Ilia State University in Georgia in collaboration with
Past to Present Archaeology. There are a number of projects that
students might want to get involved with, depending on their interests, so this is also a good networking for students wanting to pursue an archaeological career. The project will hopefully provide students with future research ideas and possible dissertation topics, should they wish to pursue these avenues. For further details please visit:

Anyone interested can either contact Rupert Birtwistle by email on [email protected] or alternatively contact Past to Present
Archaeology via their website.